The process and discipline of RAMS is mainly associated with rail. But RAMS can be applied to and have great transferability to similar processes in the construction / engineering / operation of roads, complex buildings, oil platforms and aircraft industry.

RAMS is an acronym for:

  • Reliability

  • Availability

  • Maintainability and

  • Safety

RAMS is about making a system safe, maintainable and ensuring good technical integrity. The success criteria for these characteristics must be defined for the system, the system must be analyzed against the criteria and compliance must be shown, this is almost always an iterative process and is to be documented.

Future Technology offers RAMS personnel for studies and projects, both full-time and part-time. We also undertake individual assignments where specialist expertise or organization of RAMS activities is needed. We provide RAMS personnel to consultants, contractors, suppliers, builders, material managers, maintenance managers, railway companies and infrastructure managers.

Our services:

  • Planning, implementation, documentation and compliance of risk, RAM and RAMS activities. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis

  • Specialist expertise in:

    • Railway legislation, CENELEC 50126/50128/50129 and CSM-RA

    • Internal / external management system

    • Management of contractors and suppliers


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