In July 1, 2017, a minor change was introduced in the The Construction Client Regulations that will have consequences for all municipalities that will implement new buildings or other activities covered by the Builders Regulations.

The requirement for overview lists on the building site is given in section 15 of the Builders Regulations.

From 1 July 2017, these lists will be available electronically at the construction site.

Consequently, the builder or his authorised representative must have access to a PC, tablet or similar equipment at the building site to keep the list of records. The regulation does not make any requirement regarding the format in which the list of records is entered. A simple setup in for example Word or Excel may be sufficient as long as the list of records has the information required by section 15. The list of records must also be systematically prepared, easy to check and must be available in electronic format at the workplace.

The list of records, as earlier, will be available to the employer, the safety representative, the Labour Inspectorate and the tax authority  and should be kept for six months after the construction or construction work has been completed.

The HSE card number must be entered in the list. The Building Regulation section15 requires that the employees' name, date of birth and HSE card number be entered on the summary list. The information must be kept and checked daily.

This provision also includes cleaners with HSE cards that carry out work on a construction site.

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Brief practical information.

  • As a builder, you can delegate the task to the main contractor, as before.

  • The list of records should now be carried electronically on PC or tablet. An A3 paper sheet registered with a pen or pencil is not accepted after 01.07.2017.

  • HSE card numbers must now be entered on the summary list.

  • The contractor is obliged to ensure that the list is checked daily - the same applies as before.

  • It is not required that the list of records be printed on the construction site (it is sufficient that this is under control and that it can be displayed on screen)

Senior Adviser SHA- Per Stranger-Thorsen

Future Technology AS - 91642664