Future Technology AS was founded in February 2011. Our company shall be a consultancy and technology company leader located in Sandefjord and Oslo. We will develop key competence which will drive us to be the best in Norway within our fields. We shall deliver safe and advanced solutions.

Future Technology AS shall be a company that both owners and employees take great pride in and which is preferred by our customers. The company offer consultant services, engineering services and construction solutions. Our focus is on the infrastructure, Renewables and the Oil & Gas marked.

Our business culture shall be innovative and collaborative. Future Technology AS shall be known for its inventive thinking, where good ideas are rewarded. We will contribute with first class ideas and innovation as well as sound solutions for our customers.

Future Technology AS shall be non-bureaucratic and flexible, and at the same time cooperate effective together with our customers. The products and services shall be carried out in a professional and timely manner, and with financial control.


It’s hard to overestimate a good and competent board. First and foremost because they are instrumental in making good business decisions, but also because its members say something about the prospects of the company itself.