Flow Assurance is the study of how to ensure successful and economical flow of hydrocarbons from reservoir to production facility. Future Technology provides flow assurance consultancy services for all life-cycle stages of a project; early-phase studies, screening, feasibility, concept selection, FEED, Detailed engineering and operation.

Our flow assurance team has worked with a wide range of development concepts, fluid types, and environmental conditions. Our Flow Assurance expert has more than 20 years of experience with multiphase dynamic simulations (OLGA) and analyses as well as OLGA code development.

Flow simulations
Multiphase and single phase flow in wells and pipelines
Optimalization of pipeline diameter (dP vs stability) and insulation/inhibition/heating (cost vs operability)
• Slugging evaluation and mitigation
Surge and thermal analysis of operational transients (shutdown, blowdown, start-up, JT cooling, etc)
Pressure protection analysis (waterhammer, choke collapse etc)

Fluid management
• Wax and hydrate control
• Evaluation of asphaltenes and scale
• Detailed scale analysis in cooperation with Scale Consult AS

Fields evaluations
•Evaluations of pipeline size, insulation, heating, hydrate/wax prevention strategies, operational procedures etc are performed as part of Feasibility, FEED, verification studies etc

Design and testing
• Manifold and XT design wrt. erosion, FIV, hydrate prevention, insulation and thermal management
• Advise on cool down and thermal testing of subsea equipment

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