An ever increasing focus on cost reduction for the oil companies, increases the need for reduction of the number of field instruments without reducing the level of safety provided by the Safety Instrumented System (SIS). Other market segments have requirements for demonstrating the achieved level of safety, defined by national laws.
Meeting these targets requires the knowledge of, and use of safety standards like IEC 61508, ISO 13849, EN 62061, EN 298, EN 54, etc.
More than 20 years of experience from working within the area of Functional Safety development is available for your development projects.
This experience is based on working as part of design teams, consulting and training of safety teams and as assessor for 3rd party certification of products.
Over 40 international companies all over Europe in approximately 100 development projects, has been either guided or assessed by Audun Opem.

Management of Functional Safety
Developing products according to IEC 61508:2010, with the target of achieving a defined and documented level of risk reduction (SIL), implies a strong focus on Fault Avoidance (development process). A majority of the objectives and related requirements of the standard, is defining targets and means for the avoidance of systematic faults in the final product. For System and HW, this can mainly be achieved by testing, but for SW, this is nearly to 100% requiring use of methods, techniques and tools to avoid the faults being part of the final product.
This is addressed by the «Management» topics and needs careful planning in order to not overdo or forget important aspects.

Our services include among others:
Functional Safety Management (FSM)
Safety Planning, Verification Planning, Validation Planning, List of Open Issues
Requirements Management
Who defines requirements, review, approval and modification of requirements
Competence Management
How to identify available competence and close the gaps that are identified
Documents Management
Structure, creation, review and approval.
Tools Management
Criticality classification and suitability demonstration
Configuration Management
Scope and related aspects
Modification Management
Impact Analysis, how and when to do it

Technical Safety activities
Our Safety Experts can be used for advisory activities, training, moderation of activities or performing them together with your own project members.
Very few safety products are made from scratch. They are normally developed as an improvement / modification of existing products. This requires careful investigation of existing architecture in order to identify possibilities and to minimize the cost of re-design.

Our services include among others:
Definition of FSM Plan / V&V Plan – Based on a process gap analysis identifying the necessary improvements
Specification of (safety) requirements – To provide a SRS based on your own selected tools and procedures using our methodology, structure and templates
Specification of Safety Concept – Including safety architecture, internal redundancy, use of pre-certified components, SW architecture
System-FMEA – Verification of the HW architecture
Safety Criticality Analysis (SCA) – Verification of the SW architecture
FMEDA – Providing probabilistic numbers both early as a design verification and finally for approvals
Test strategy – Number of test levels, target of the test and use of tools
Validation Objective – Definition of scope, test technique and system reaction for the validation of all requirements
Safety Manual – Structure, content and justification of the claims in the Safety Manual
Justification Report – Structure and methodology for showing compliance with the relevant objectives of IEC 61508
Certification support – Support in preparation for and participation in meetings with the assessor


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We also offer courses within Functional Safety / Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and IEC 61508 / 61511. Read more here.