Future Technology offers project development, engineering and project management services and expert advice to the Renewable and Electrical Infrastructure sectors within the following areas:

Industry Segments/Technologies

• Interconnectors
• Offshore Wind
• Onshore Wind
• Hydro Power
• Transmission & Distribution
• Power from shore
Who we serve

• Project Developers
• Utilities and Power Producers
• Regulators and Grid Operators
• Investment Banks, Funds and Insurers
• Contractors and Manufacturers


Our mission is to maximise value and reduce project risks through active industry participation, supply chain engagement, involvement in standardisation and knowledge sharing forums, actively influencing industry-led R&D, technology development and qualification, as well as influencing development of network codes and grid related policies and regulatory processes.


Project Development and Execution

Engineering and Project Management
Tendering and Contract Management
Project Controls
Licensing, Planning, Consenting, Regulatory and Policy Advise
Development of Supply Chain and Procurement strategies
Grid Integration and System Optimisation
Technology Assessments, Selection and Qualification
Construction Management and Commissioning/Mechanical Completion
Acquisitions/Due diligence

Market Analysis
Revenue and Levellised Cost of Energy modelling
Project Finance and debt sculpting modelling
DCF, Acquisition Modelling and Investment Analysis
Asset Valuation & Due Diligence
Asset Management

Prepare for Operations
End of Warranty, Quality Control and Inspections
Availability and OPEX modelling
Operational performance benchmarking
Governance and Improvement work
Business Continuity Planning


We offer a team of highly dedicated engineering professionals who bring a combination of industry insight, a strong mind-set for improvement work and hands-on experience from all phases of a project’s life cycle.
Our engineers are curious by nature, with strong interpersonal skills derived from extensive international experience working in and leading multi-disciplinary project teams. We take pride in promoting a strong culture for knowledge sharing, continuously striving to develop our skills and take on new opportunities with a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment.


• Solid understanding of market, regulation and policies
• Wide experience from Commercial and Technical Due Diligence
• Proven project management and problem solving track record
• Experience from working with a range of developers, with different approaches to governing processes, systems and tools - Strong understanding of clients’ needs and key value drivers
• Strong electrical engineering capabilities within WTGs, SCADA, on/offshore cable systems, HVDC, on/offshore substations and wind farm layout optimisation, optioneering and design
• Cost estimation competencies (including systems and tools)
• Strong mind-set for improvement work and innovation: “Cost of energy” approach, particularly during concept selection, systematically balancing CAPEX, OPEX and production (revenue) in order to optimise a project’s levellised cost of energy
• Extensive network within the renewables and electrical infrastructure business